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The concept of SUSTAINABILITY has never been so popular and it keeps on getting wider importance within the European society. The topics of climate change, greenhouse effect, environmental poisoning of air, water and ground are getting more attention from the media and from the governments of many European Union countries. At the same time nowadays the priority of establishing a sustainable system worldwide is overshadowed by attempts to deny the negative effects of uncontrolled pollution on the balance of our planet and of breaking the already existing agreements on reducing it.

Young people are partially aware about the reasons that are creating those phenomena and about the human habits that are not sustainable for the balance of our local areas and of our planet but often what is not clear is what concretely could be made differently.

From the other side youngsters that would like to do something to change the situation are often missing the tools to send a message that can disseminate and impact the society.

We choose to address this issue through a YOUTH EXCHANGE PROJECT.

Youth exchanges are intercultural learning experiences that bring together young people from different countries to explore a common theme, to share their knowledge and improve their competences through activities such as workshops, discussions, reflections, simulations, use of media, outdoor activities, assignments, games, excursions and other activities that are also intended to facilitate the acquisition of knowledge and awareness of different socio-cultural realities. The learning happens in a group context but it's individual and very personal, it is based on personal needs, interests and in the willingness of the single participant to actively engage in the program, to contribute bringing competences and pro-active attitude, to have flexibility and take the initiative to explore what is new. 

Youth P.S. (Youth Promoting Sustainability) is an international youth project co-funded by the Erasmus Plus program that will actively involve 36 participants from 6 different countries: Danmark, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia e Romania.


The goal of the project is to enhance sustainability while supporting young people to create the competences needed to become Sustainability Promoters.


The objectives we want to address in order to meet the main goal are:

  • To bring together young people from different European counties, share and discover together different aspects of the concept of sustainability;
  • find out about succesfull sustainable policies, strategies and actions;
  • learn how to create and edit media products like pictures, videos (reportages, promotional videos) and images;
  • create a media campaign and promote together sustainability on a global scale


While actively involve yourself in this project you can learn:


  • Knowledge about the topics of climate change, greenhouse effect and environmental poisoning;

  • what the concept of sustainability means - policies, strategies and actions implemented till now to increase it;

  • how to have a sustainable life style;

  • sustainability and job market


  • The most important rules of photography, to be used in video making;
  • what are the characteristics of reportages and advertising videos;
  • how to plan and implement successfully all phases needed for the creation of a videos: idea, subject, storyboard, shooting, editing;
  • how to realize an international media campaign that can create a change in the society;

European dimension:

  • Increase your intercultural competences and the use of foreign languages;
  • further possibilities of youth mobilities through the Erasmus Plus program;



  • Your European Health Insurance Card, if you don't have it contact your sending organization in your country to get more information. We recommend you to buy a travel insurance, you can find many for less than 10€.
  • Media equipement that you have: In order to take part in the video workshops and create the material of the campaign we need that in each national group the participants bring the following:

A) 1 reflex photo camera (or fullHD camera or mirrorless) + basic lenses

B) at least 1 laptop with a video editing program (preferably Adobe Premiere CC or Avid Media Composer)

C) 1 microphone or audio recorder

The project is implemented through the following steps:

Visibility & Formation of National Groups
June 2017

Advanced Preparatory Visit (for group leaders)
Arrival day: 7th July until 16:00 in Cortemilia
Start of the program: 7th July at 18:00
End of the program: 9th July at 21:00
Departure day: 10th July within 10:00 from Cortemilia

Preparation phase (for group leaders and participants)
10th July - 16th August 2017

Youth Exchange (for group leaders and participants)
Arrival day for the leaders: 16th August before 16:00 in Cortemilia
Arrival day for the participants: 17th August after 16:00 in Cortemilia
Start of the program: 18th August at 10:00
End of the program: 27th August at 22:00
Departure day: 28th August within 10:00 from Cortemilia

Post Exchange & Dissemination (for group leaders and participants)
September - December 2017

With Youth P.S. we create the context where we share theoretical and practical inputs, a space to rise competences in the fields of sustainability, media and we produce a positive impact on local and global scale through an international campaign.


Steps of the project:

1- VISIBILITY AND FORMATION OF NATIONAL GROUPS: In this phase the organizations involved gives visibility to the project promoting it through their media. Young people apply, than the organizations choose the national leader and the participants in agreement with the Italian coordinating organization and they book the tickets.

2- ADVANCED PREPARATORY VISIT (APV): The leaders of the national groups, the facilitators and project coordinator meet in Cortemilia in July to get to know the location of the project, to talk about the needs of the participants, to define more in details the program; they choose the roles they will have during the exchange and the activities to be realized in national groups and through the online assignments during in the "Preparation phase". They take care of the timing, of the organization of the practical and of the logistic aspects.

3- PREPARATION PHASE: It will happen in 2 ways, there will be a national group preparation aimed to create 2 activities/workshops/presentations per group that will bring competences about aspects of the main topic (ex. global warming, recycling, climate change, greenhouse effect, environmental poisoning, the impact on the environment of human consumption habits, strategies to rise the sustainability at personal, local, national and international level...) and an interactive presentation of the national culture for the intercultural evening. The second way it's through some individual online assignments aimed to start knowing each other, approach the topic and prepare for the exchange.

4- THE EXCHANGE: During the exchange participants, leaders and facilitators work on rising awareness about the mentioned areas of the topic of sustainability; that happen while sharing the presentations/workshops prepared in national groups and thanks to input and practical activities in international groups delivered by the facilitators and by the leaders.
About media, participants learn how to create reportages, promotional videos, take pictures and edit images, than they start creating an international campaign aimed to promote sustainability.

5- POST EXCHANGE PHASE: you will be asked to write a testimonial about the experience, fill-in an evaluation form and contribute to the CAMPAIGN while promoting it and while creating videos, pictures, images to be used in the campaign. This last point can be organized in national team or individually.

Important: while applying for this program you commit to engage actively in all phases of the project; partial participation in the program can not be an option: the travel reimbursement will be sent to the ones who fully participate.

Accommodation, food and materials costs are covered by the Erasmus+ program.

Travel costs will be reimbursed up to 275€ per person, both for the APV than for the exchange. Participants from Italy are not eligible for travel reimbursement.

The project is created together by 6 partner organizations and coordinated by Associazione Vagamondo

Vagamondo, based in Roletto (Italy), is a Social Promotion NGO focused on European mobility and non-formal education. It provides learning and growing opportunities for young people and youth workers.
The name Vagamondo comes from the conception of travel as a powerful tool of self-discovery and personal development: it is through direct contact with cultural and personal differences that identity becomes more visible to every individual, it is coming out of the comfort zone, getting involved in new activities, different from the usual ones, that people can identify room for grow and work on themselves.
In that condition of clarity non-formal education becomes a playground where people can practice new ways of thinking, acting and an effective tool to make a change that can create a long-term positive impact once back home, thus to improve the quality of personal and professional life.
From 2013 to 2017 Vagamondo took part in the organization and implementation of more than 40 international projects in Italy and abroad, involving in them more than 150 young people and youth workers.

Organizations involved & contacts:

  • Vagamondo (Italy)

  • Zig Zag prin Romania

  • Synergy Flow (Greece)

  • Re-Creativity (Hungary)

  • ESN Kolding (Denmark)

  • Homo Ecos (Latvia)


There will be 36 participants, 6 per country, including group leaders.


You are an eligible PARTICIPANT of this project if you are:

  • Aged between 22 and 30 years old;
  • legally resident in Denmark, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia or Romania;
  • willing to know more about the topic of sustainability, or you already have some knowledge about it and you are willing to share it with others; 
  • looking forward to learn more about media, video production and to take part in the campaign;
  • able to work and communicate in simple English;
  • you are highly motivated, gifted of positive actitude and flexibility
  • you are able to actively participate to all phases of the project (except APV)

You are an eligible GROUP LEADER of this project if you are:

  • At least 22 years old;
  • legally resident in Denmark, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia or Romania;
  • willing to know more about the topic of sustainability, or you already have some knowledge about it and you are willing to share it with others;
  • looking forward to learn more about media, video production and to take part in the campaign;
  • able to work and communicate in English;
  • you are highly motivated, gifted of positive actitude and flexibility
  • you are willing to actively participate to all phases of the project and arrive at the Exchange the 16th August for the preparation
  • you are willing to coordinate a group of youngsters from your country in the national preparation phase, during the exchange and in the post exchange phase
  • you want to bring your active contribution in the exchange while coordinating small group daily reflections and supporting with practical issues related with the program. You have also the chance to facilitate part of the program and get coached by experienced facilitators.



We ask you to fill in an application form in English and to dedicate time to develop the answers to all questions in it, the answers are the material that we use to choose the participants and the leaders!

Fill in the application form available at this link:

   Apply here  

Each organization will choose 1 leader and 5 participants resident in its country in agreement with the coordinating organization Vagamondo. If you are accepted for the project you will receive a ''Confirmation letter’’ with more practical information regarding the travel, the exact address of the accommodation and instructions about the exchange.
Do not buy tickets until you get the confirmation letter!


  • Fabiano Bruno

    He has a degree in Cross-cultural communication, field which he deepened in more than 10 years of involvement in educational activities for young people in intercultural contexts in several countries in Europe and in Brasil. He is the Director of Associazione Vagamondo, he takes part in the organization and implementation of trainings and youth exchanges which embrace various topics and which focus on personal development and self-coaching. In the free time Fabiano likes running in Nature.

  • Agnese Correra

    After graduating in Cinema she got a diploma as filmaker at the Academy of Cinema and Television in Cinecittà, Rome; later she completed her studies with a Master Degree in Cinema and Multimedia produccion. She won video festivals and she realized documentaries, videoclip and short films in Italy, France and Czech Republic. In the field of non-formal education she took part in youth exchanges focused on different topics related with art. In her free time Agnese likes writing songs and poetry.

The APV and the youth exchange will take place in the town Cortemilia, in Langhe area in Piemonte region.
Langhe is an area part of the UNESCO WORD HERITAGE, find more information here.

Our accommodation for the duration of the exchange will be "Cascina di Monteoliveto" a renewed manor farm consisting in 2 floors with kitchen, living room, dormitories, bathrooms, training room and a tower. The manor farm and the immediate surroundings are smoking and alchol free.

Participants will get accommodated in shared dormitories, bed linen will be provided. Participants will be in charge of taking care of simple household duties for maintaining the accommodation clean and suited during the period of the exchange.

We are looking forward to start this project with you! Youth PS Team